Angela Coren – Bulgaria

Here’s my review of my time in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria was a surprise, I wanted to do something in Europe then found the project on the OV website and booked straight away. I learnt a lot during my stay especially about the suffering of the Roma gypsy people, not just in Bulgaria but in the region as a whole. It has definitely changed my mind about the Roma people and I can now see both sides.

My favourite times were when we visited the gypsy shanty town, the people were so lovely and came out of their houses to welcome and greet us. They could not have been nicer, I actually think they were even nicer than the rest of the population.

They were always surprised that we were there and always wanted to know why we wanted to play and teach their children, it really felt like a special experience to be allowed in to help. Some of the children don’t go to school so our visits were the only time they had to experience something useful.

At the weekends we spent our time on the beach or in Varna, I was never bored and there was plenty to do and more restaurants than I expected, I ate in a different place almost every night although there was a kitchen at the volunteer house to cook and some volunteers ate in.

The housekeeper was a lovely lady and she sometimes prepared us a quick traditional Bulgarian meal which was heartwarming.

Overall I loved my time and will definitely be returning along with a couple of others I met during my visit.

Thank you for everything, I hope this is useful and I will definitely be in touch soon!