Katie Perrod – Review

I chose Mexico because it was always on my list of places to visit and my friends had already done a tour there and recommended it. It took a few months to organise with the help of my friends and family I managed to fundraise and got the whole trip within a tight £1000 budget, flights included.

On arrival in Merida the coordinator’s driver met me at the airport and transferred me to the volunteer house where I met the other volunteers. One of the girls I knew already from Facebook which was reassuring.

The next day the coordinator showed me around the local shops and where to get things and in the afternoon I went on the bus to my first project at the Antonio school. The children were lovely and seemed to enjoy their English lessons even if they were a bit noisy at times. There were a couple of their own teachers who helped too.

In the evenings we sat around at the volunteer house chatting and listening to music and at the weekends we made some trips in the local area. My best memory was swimming in the cenotes which are like underground cave swimming pools, they were amazing.

Would I go back?

Yes to see the progress with the teaching project and to swim in the cenotes again!