Asian volunteers wished they could stay longer

I had a brilliant time teaching at a tiny village in Nepal which didn’t have a name. It was above a place called Sippigat. We only volunteered for 3 weeks as we didn’t have time to stay longer, and wanted to spent a week travelling afterwards.

The area where we were was seven hour trek in the mountains away from Sippigat so you can imagine how rural it was.  The children we were teaching were the sweetest children ever and were very patient with us.

We met some amazing people even though we couldn’t really speak to anyone because no one knew any  English there but it was great fun trying to have a conversation!

It was a hard decision to choose Nepal as our first volunteer project because we knew it would be easier on other projects where there were more volunteers and English speaking staff but I think it was the best decision to come here as it was such a different experience. The views were unbeatable and being just the two of us offered some wonderful moments to experience the mountain experience 
all to ourselves.

The classes were all a bit muddled and we never knew how many children would come. Some days there were about 10 and other days too many to count. We managed to teach hello, goodbye, some numbers and the days of the week. We even did some basic Maths lessons in case the English was too much and they enjoyed that too.

We were very upset to leave when we did and wished we could have stayed longer. We are already thinking about a second longer trip to the same village and see if they remember us any of the English we taught.

Volunteering in Nepal it is definitely one of the best things we have ever done and I totally recommend it.

Elliott  volunteered in Nepal with his girlfriend.