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Volunteer Thailand Review


A young woman from London who volunteered at schools in Thailand described the Thai people that she met as ‘friendly’ and ‘loving’ people.

Aneesha Pandya went as a volunteer in Thailand with a friend to teach at schools in Bangkok and at a small village in the North of the country.

She said that the Thai people she met were ‘brilliant’ ,and ‘very friendly’, that they act and speak ‘from the heart’, and are ‘very loving people’. ‘ Many people in Thailand may not have a lot of money, but they have a lot of love’ she added.

Aneesha added that the experience of volunteering in Thailand has taught her a lot about being a loving person.

She said that many of the children in the schools thought that everyone in the U.K was a King or a Queen, and that we were all ‘super rich’, and had large houses. She explained to them that this was not actually true, and talked to them about life in the U.K. Aneesha added that she had a really good time volunteering abroad.

She sais that she chose to volunteer with Original volunteers having searched through the Internet, and felt that we offered the best package, and that we were very reasonably priced. Indeed, after returning to the U.K she recommended us to a friend who is now volunteering with Original volunteers abroad for a whole year.  Aneesha  said that she would love to volunteer with us again in the future.

It is good to hear that Aneesha found the people of Thailand to be so friendly and so loving, and that she really enjoyed her time spent volunteering.

We wish Aneesha well for the future, and hope to be able to arrange for her to volunteer again one day.