Asian Volunteers

Volunteer reviews her time in Kenya, Mexico & Thailand


A Charity Fundraiser took 5 months out from her job to work with poor, homeless, and deprived children in Kenya, Mexico, and Thailand.

Lisa Helmsley, who works for a children’s charity as a fundraiser in the U.K managed to get 5 months off from her job in 2009, and spent much of the time volunteering abroad, and working with children.

Lisa spent April volunteering at a Street Kids project in Mombassa in Kenya, June preparing food, and looking after children and babies at Orphanages in Mexico, and July teaching English at a school in Thailand. In between she managed to travel around the Countries that she was volunteering in.

She really enjoyed the experience of working with the children, and felt that her time spent in 3 different countries had helped her to learn a great deal about their cultures, and communities.

She felt that the experience that she had from her work in the U.K was a great help, but added that she had learnt a lot while caring for children from other cultures as well.

She described the local people that she met in each country as ‘just fantastic’, and said that she would love to volunteer again one day. In fact Lisa had previously volunteered with Original Volunteers before in Peru some 3 years ago, and it was this experience that made her decide to volunteer with us again.
She added that she has recommended Original Volunteers to many of her friends and work colleagues.

Lisa has now settled back into her work, and life in the U.K, and we wish her well with her fundraising activities in 2010.
If you are considering taking a break from your working life, and have an understanding employer who would be prepared to let you do so why not contact us on 01603 859689. It could prove to be a life changing experience.