Volunteer in India

Simon’s visit to the India project

I volunteered in India for 2 weeks in July. I didn’t want to commit to volunteering for longer as it was my first time and I wanted to leave a couple of weeks for travel afterwards. Looking back I wish I’d stayed for longer. After 2 weeks, I was only just getting the to know the family and using some Hindi for the first time.

When I was there all the volunteers were living with the same family together so you really get a feel of the Indian way of life . There were even normal beds to sleep in which was a bonus as I somehow thought we would be sleeping on the floor.

I offered to help in the fields, some of the volunteers who were there longer started teaching in the little school. I also helped to build a wall which was great fun until the money ran out!

Also, there was a guy there called Alex who asked to go up north for a while to a poorer school and Su organised it all for him and sent him clean underwear, etc so you have that opportunity too.

Think the main advice I’d give you is go with an open mind and enjoy yourself. I don’t know your past experience but if you’ve never been in Thailand before you’ll realise it’s a lot different from here, from standing up for the national anthem at assembly every morning to ‘wai’ing people instead of shaking hands. If you have fun and the kids have fun everyone will benefit so I wish you all the best.

I could talk for days about it but I’ll stop there and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Have a great time!

Simon volunteered in Thailand and India