Asian Volunteers

The children were amazing in this part of Asia

The coordinator in Thailand was incredibly organised. They got me picked me up from the airport, told me all about the school, and generally looked after me every step of the way.

The school was really lovely and all the villagers went way out of there way to look after me and the setting was incredible. The children were amazing and were so easy to teach. After a couple of days in the classroom it felt like I had been teaching for a week or more. It is definitely something I would like to try again.

The accommodation was fairly basic but it was nice. Their children went to the school I was at. At least it meant I wasn’t on my own in the evenings when there wasn’t another volunteer with me which wasn’t very often.

I picked up thank you and please easily and managed to get by. Thai people are very friendly and patient and miming became the normal way of talking for anything that wasn’t about food.

I really enjoyed it and found it to be an immensely rewarding. I can definitely say it was the best summer of my entire life and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an incredibly fulfilling personal challenge.

Rebecca volunteered in Thailand.