Teaching Volunteer Reviews India

Teaching assistant celebrates landmark birthday by volunteering at a community project in India.

A Teaching assistant from London decided to celebrate her 50th birthday by volunteering at a Community project in India during the Monsoon season.

Chandrika Patel decided not to tell friends and family until just before leaving for India in late July 2009.

She a rived during a time of high security in the country due to a visit by Hilary Clinton, and in the middle of the Monsoon season, but described her time there as very interesting, and enjoyable.

Chandrika’s experience of working with children, and an arts background came in useful when she involved the children in a book project, and making flowers out of locally bought different coloured cardboard files.

She celebrated her birthday with fellow volunteers all dressed up in traditional Indian clothing, and she treated them to cakes, pastries, and other traditional Indian foods, and drink.

She described the local people as ‘so friendly’, and has recommended volunteering abroad to other people upon her return to the U.K. she hopes to volunteer again at some point in the future.

Chandrika, who also spent a short time travelling across India during her stay, felt that it was very useful that she was able to speak Hindi as well as English.

She has given a package of arts materials, and photographs that she took during her stay to her parents to take with them when they are flying out to India soon.

She also hopes to make more donations in the future.

A happy belated birthday to Chandrika from all of us at Original volunteers, and should you decide that you would like to celebrate your birthday volunteering abroad do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 859689