Asian Volunteers

Teaching in Thailand as a volunteer

4 days after I left I landed on the island of Koh Tao and fell in love twice, first with the island and secondly with Diving. I am currently studying my D.M.T so I can become a Dive Master.

The last time I was in Thailand you asked me to write something in your book and I was unable to complete it. So I hope this will be good enough:

When I left for Thailand it was my first time on a plane by myself. I did not know what to expect, was anyone going to meet me at the airport, am I actually going to get to teach?

Then my story as a volunteer in Thailand Began.

After safely being picked up at the airport I met one of the coordinators at stupid o’clock in the morning, and you could not ask for a nicer person to meet after being awake for 36 hours and the sun was rising.

I felt safe and I new that this thing was real “OH MY GOD!! I have to teach Thai children how to speak English.”

All I wanted to do was to Teach in a school down in the South of Thailand. When I arrived I was very happy immediately I could not stop smiling the kids were amazing.

These Children have characters that put a smile on your face Almost! every day. I was teaching at the same school for just over 2 months and you truly become connected with these individuals.

I came to Thailand on a spiritual journey and teaching was the greatest foot hold to help me on my journey.

I had the idea that I would continue teaching once the school holidays were complete, I left for the south. My Ideas slightly changed. I have now found a great passion for Diving.

This passion for diving has kept me in the same place for the past nine weeks. (Oh yeah, open water was my greatest fear.) This adventure would not have been made possible if it was not for the amazing children, the experiences that took place, the people I met, the fun I had and most of all the hard work, commitment and passion that the volunteer coordinators for making all this possible.

So Thank you very much.

Nicholas Jon Vale