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Medical Student Reviews volunteering in Thailand

Medical student Michael Luc from London, who spent a month teaching in Thailand said ‘ I would love to go back and teach for longer’ upon his return to the U.K.

Michael taught English at the Boonsit Anusorn school in Thailand during June 2009, before travelling around the country for 6 weeks.

He said that he ‘really loved’ his time spent at the school, added that it was the highlight of his time spent in Thailand, and that he would love to go back and teach for longer if he had the opportunity to do so.

He found that many of the children were so keen to learn that they would stay behind after school had finished, and he in turn learnt how to speak basic Thai from talking to them, and other teachers.

Michael, who found the people of Thailand to be ‘welcoming and friendly’, also made many new friends as a result of volunteering abroad in Thailand, and has kept in touch with many people by e mail.

He found out about Original Volunteers as a result of an internet search, and would definitely recommend people to go volunteering abroad with the company.

Michael hopes that he was able to offer the children a good insight into what life in Britain is like, and that he was able to help improve their grasp of the English language.

In return he feels that he gained a lot of new friends, and an insight into the Thai culture, and language, and hopes to return again one day in the future.

Michael really enjoyed his time in Thailand, and was able to make a positive contribution to improve the lives of many of the children at the school.

If you feel that you would like to do what Michael did why not get in touch with us at[email protected] and you too could help to improve the education of a child.