Asian Volunteers

I had the time of my life as a volunteer in Asia

I have had the time of my life in Thailand and i am currently on a gap year travelling the world taking part in many projects through Original Volunteers.

I had been teaching in Ghana for a month before hand and I kept saying  that Africa  was wonderful  and I loved it so much. I felt that  it would be hard to compete with, but it wasn’t hard at all.  From the lovely welcoming at the airport and making me feel so welcome it was just the start of an amazing time.

The teachers in the school really made it a fantastic experience.  They were all so lovely. It was so much fun trying to learn a new language as well as teaching a new language.  At the end of my stay the teachers really made me feel like  part of their family. The teachers really enjoyed volunteers being at the school, and they involved us with all of their activities, even if it was just meeting the family.  They also took us on tours around  the village meeting new people and taking us to see other primary and secondary schools.  It  was so nice to see how volunteers have helped the school as their English was so much more advanced.

I celebrated christmas and new year in the village and found them both to be very different.  Christmas was amazing in Thailand. They don’t celebrate it.  It was so different.  The teachers in the evening went out of their way to decorate a tree for me.  It was one of the best Xmas presents ever. It really made me realise so much. New Year was really good fun.  We set off a lantern to represent everything  bad  that had happened in the past year to start a fresh new year.  I then had string tied around my wrists to wish me good luck for the new year.  It was really good seeing how new year was celebrated in a different culture.
I spent two and a half months in the school and have enjoyed every minute.  At times there were other volunteers and  at other times there was none.  Every experience with each different set of people I found to be so different, but each time has been enjoyable. I found some people are here more for travelling and didn’t really get as involved as much as others , where as some  really got in to the flow of teaching like me. I got more out of the experience the more I put in.
Overall I found my experience to be so rewarding and has inspired me to want to teach  English as a foreign language.  I have loved every minute and enjoyed everyone’s company. I am so grateful for what every one has done for me.
Devon volunteered in Ghana, South Africa and Thailand.