Ffion James Nepal

The most amazing thing?

Paragliding, Poon Hill Yoga Trek, Helping in the orphanage and giving the children lots of love and support, making friend friend from Australia and the rest for England. Just generally giving instead of receiving is so rewarding. Learning that life shouldn’t be taken for granted just live in the moment and experience as much as you can.

Best memory?
Auysh the youngest orphan saying “Waw beautiful” when I came out in the nepali salwar cameez dress and taking the children to the temple in the middle of Fewa Lake on canoes for a day out.

Best bits about free time? 
Get to see a lot of things, meet people and experience more of the culture and country.

Tell us about the people
Nepali people are one of the nicest people I have ever met, made me feel very at home. The children in the orphanage were very intelligent, creative and enthusiastic and full of energy. Very outgoing and will now be lifelong friends.

Would you consider volunteering again and where?
Definitely, volunteering is so rewarding and you experience so much. I would hope to go to Peru or Camboidia.

Tips for future volunteers?
Expect no expectations , be very open minded, live as the locals live and just live in the moment and experience as much as you can.