While in South America volunteer Gains Confidence and Improves Spanish

A Roofer from London who volunteered in Peru said that the experience had boosted his confidence, and improved his ability to speak Spanish.

‘He also praised the work of Original volunteers.’

Anthony Roberts, a Roofer from Southgate, London, spent 5 weeks volunteering at Orphanages in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.

While he was there he took lessons every day in Spanish, and found that as a result he is now able to speak the language more fluently, and to be able to make a point.

‘The hardest part of the placement was going home’

He particularly spending time, and playing games with the children, and felt that by just ‘being a nice person’ was of great benefit to them.

He made lots of friends, has kept in touch with most of them, and found the people of Peru, Argentina, and Brazil to be very nice.

He praised the work of Original Volunteers, said that he has recommended volunteering abroad with the company to other people, and that he would definitely go with the company again.

He said that he would like to return to Peru again one day to see if they have been able to build a bigger Orphanage for the children.

He felt that he had gained a great deal of confidence from his time there, and that this has helped him to get on with people.

Speaking about teaching English to the children Anthony said that ‘ If one child remembers me, and what they learnt while I was there it will all have been wortwhile’.

We are pleased to hear that Anthony enjoyed his time in South America, and that his Spanish, and his sense of confidence have improved immensely, and should he ever decide to return to volunteer in Peru, or any other destination worldwide we would be more than happy to arrange for him to do so.