My Volunteer experience of Peru

Whilst I was a volunteer in Peru I found that everyone was really nice and Cuzco in particular was a very easy place to meet new people, not only in the orphanage, but in town aswell. The orphanage was a good place to stay , because you´re surrounded by like-minded people who have all come for the same reason. Some of them were experienced travellers, but for a lot it was their first time doing anything like this. Cusco was a very touristy city, and the bars were always busy on the weekends- it´s a fantastic nightlife, and great atmosphere, and the nights out are often the best times to get to know the other volunteers.

The orphanage is very busy most of the year round, and the two women who run the girls orphanage speak very little English but it was a great way to learn Spanish. The others volunteering in Peru were all very helpful passing on their insights and how to do things and I quickly got used the daily routine of when I was needed where. It was very much an atmosphere of any help was greatly appreciated, so I didn’t feel too bad taking some time out on some days to go into town because I could make it up later.
The accommodation was a lot nicer than I thought it would be and during my visit I got my own room. The kitchen facilities were fairly basic- usually one gas powered stove along with a unit to keep your knives, forks, plates etc. There is no oven, but most of the local food that you buy for yourself can be prepared with everything that the orphanage provides you.

I really enjoyed my time volunteering abroad and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Definitely lucky I had the chance to do it.