My Review of Volunteering in Brazil

I was a volunteer in Brazil and had a great time in Foz. People at the hostel also run the programme. Very chilled. The hostel itself is full of people coming and going all the time.

I flew to Rio and took the bus – it was about 24 hours . On the programme I actually expanded a bit and ended up working at three different schools as well as the special needs programme. It is exhausting but really fun.

I got involved in lesson plan creating. I brought small groups of kids away to have conversational lessons in the library. I wrote plays in english for them for a school project they were doing on environmental salvage etc.

The special needs – really it seems you are there to help them with different project like art etc and what they are learning. A lot of it is helping teach self sustainability. It is interesting though because special needs children in Brazil are just clumped together. So you will come across children or young adults from all sides of the spectrum.

I spoke (but understood more) Portuguese so this made it a bit easier for me. If you are not a Portuguese speaker you will be fine – but you will definitely get more out of it if you can just a bit. Just go buy a small book and get the basics.

From my time volunteering in Brazil I met some really cool people that I am still in touch with today.

Definitely lucky I had the chance to do it.