Laura Rogers Peru

What members of staff do you remember?

The guys working at the orphanage really made us all feel welcome

What were your impressions of the accommodation?
It was my first time volunteering where I lived with the kids in the Orphanage. I loved this experience as we were always round to help out and spend time with the children

Why did you want to volunteer?
I have volunteered previously with OV (Morocco and Mexico) and loved it so wanted to do it again and Peru is a country I have always wanted to visit.

Do you feel you made a difference, how?
I really feel the children appreciated the time we spent with them, even if it was just sitting in class with them or watching a film

What did you do for fun?
We took the children out to play football and took them swimming which was great. I also did many tours and trips in and around Cusco

When was your most enjoyable experience, do you have an interesting story?
The highlight of Peru was definitely Machu Picchu. The highlight of the volunteering was a birthday party we had for one of the girls; so much fun.

Who did you make friends with and for what reasons?
I made friends with all the other volunteers and the staff at the orphanage.

Where were the best places to hang out and socialise, why was this?
The Plaza is a great place to just sit and watch the world go by. The best places to eat are definitely Juanito’s and Jacks.

Would you considering going again or perhaps to another project with Original Volunteers? Please explain why.
I would definitely go back to Peru and would recommend OV. It was well organised and an awesome experience.

What would you say/recommend to a friend who was interested in volunteering?
Don’t expect luxury at the accommodation, be ready to get involved with the children, whether it be play or teaching and just enjoy the experience!

What items would you suggest future volunteers pack?
For the time of year I went (August/September) I would say to take lots of warm clothing as it was freezing at night!

How much money would you suggest you take per week?
This really depends what trips you plan to do and whether you will eat out etc. I did lots of trips and tours and ate out all the time and probably spent an average of £200 a week. (If I add up all I spent and divide by number of weeks I was there)

Could you offer any tips to future volunteers?
There were lots of volunteers in August so was a good time to go to meet lots of new people!

Anything else you wish to share?
Absolutely fantastic experience, wish I had stayed for longer! Peru is a beautiful country and the children at the Orphanage are brilliant.