Hairdresser Goes to Peru & Kenya


A Hairdresser from Chippenham who spent the new year in 2008 volunteering at an Orphanage in Peru enjoyed it so much that she decided to spend this new year volunteering in Mombassa.

Beverley Wilkins went to volunteer in Peru at an Orphanage on the 28th December 2008 having celebrated Christmas in the U.K. She enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to book with us again, but this time to work with the Street children in Mombassa, Kenya.

Beverley described the children from the Orphanage in Cuzco in Peru as ‘fantastic’, and ‘well behaved’, and found herself carrying out tasks such as ironing and sewing their clothes for them.

She took Alphabet charts with her to Peru to teach the children words and names of animals in English, and in return the children taught her the names in Peruvian. She thoroughly enjoyed working with the children, and as a thank you in return they made a ship in a bottle for her which she treasures.

She found the people of Peru to be ‘friendly and really nice’, and added that she felt very safe in the area in which she stayed. Beverley made several friends that she has stayed in touch with, and she has sent presents out to children since returning to the U.K.

Not only has she recommended volunteering with Original Volunteers to many other people, but her daughter is currently travelling the world, and stooping off in several countries to take part in Original Volunteers projects on her travels.

Beverley said that she originally chose to volunteer with Original Volunteers due to the fact that we are more affordable than many other companies, and because unlike another company who she had volunteered with before her money for the accommodation went straight back to the local people, and the Orphanage rather than into a companies funds.

Beverley added that volunteering has made her appreciate life and what she has a lot more, and that the experience has been very rewarding.

We wish Beverley well, and look forward to talking to her about her time in Mombassa.
If you would like to volunteer abroad over the Christmas or New year period why not contact us on 01603 859689 and we can arrange for you to do so.