Former Travel Agent Employee Helps Orphanage in South America

A former Travel Agent employee who raised over £100 in donations for a Mexican Orphanage hopes to take part in other projects in South America

Sara-Jane said she ‘loved the experience’, and hopes to return to South America.

Her time spent there was divided between the Orphanage and a Disabled centre. She also wanted to visit a women’s prison, but did not have enough time to do so.

She was pleased to find a wide range of people volunteering for different reasons.

Sara-Jane got on really well with the Mexican people that she met, found them to be ‘sociable and warm’ towards the volunteers, and felt that they were a very family orientated society.

Sara-Jane has recommended the experience …

Sara-Jane, who describes herself as outgoing, and has travelled extensively in the past, enjoyed her time in Mexico, and has recommended the experience to many other people since returning home.

Volunteering she feels offers a ‘different side to travelling’, and an ‘insight into other cultures’, and she hopes to take part again soon.

It was magnificent of Sara-Jane to raise the money, great news that she hopes to volunteer again soon, and we look forward to hearing the stories from her forthcoming travels sometime in the future..

If you would like to volunteer in Mexico Puerto Vallarta please  click here