Volunteer Reviews her time in South Africa

My Volunteer Experience in South Africa

So I arrived to start my new position as a volunteer in South Africa, having been picked up at Pretoria airport by the sanctuary manager, blissfully unaware of what the week was going to entail. There were six other volunteers working on a shift system when I arrived. The plan of action to get the monkeys fed and cared for every day. If we weren’t there to do it, no-one else would.

My first shift I was given food prep and observation. I was glued to the monkeys and realised that some of them knew what I was going to do before I did it. I made loads of friends in my first week, and with the other volunteers too!

I learnt so much and hadn’t realised quite what an experience it would be. The monkeys were so sweet and loved a cuddle and to play. It was quite easy to spend a whole afternoon with the monkeys rather than taking the afternoon break.

The highlights of my two weeks apart from the monkeys was the evening barbecue and the weekend trip to Kruger Park. I arrived home full of enthusiasm to get back to being a South Africa Volunteer and can’t wait. Thanks to everyone at Original Volunteers for all their help in creating this experience.