Trainee Teacher reviews volunteering in Ghana


A Trainee Teacher who spent part of her summer holiday teaching at a school in Ghana described the experience as ‘the most amazing time of my life’.

Indeed, she enjoyed the experience so much that she has recommended volunteering with Original Volunteers to many of her pupils who are considering a gap year abroad.

Diana Firbank, a Trainee Teacher from Newmarket spent 4 weeks in August 2009 teaching in a school, and occasionally helping out at an Orphanage in Ghana. She described the children there as ‘lovely’ and joked that she wished that she wished that she could have brought them all home with her.

While she was there Diana also helped to decorate the school, and helped with the building of an new school as well. She described the experience of volunteering in Ghana as ‘ the most amazing time of my life’.

She has already recommended the experience to many other people, including her pupils who may be considering a Gap year before going on to University.

Diana was also full of praise for Original Volunteers, and our Coordinators.
She said that she chose Original volunteers due to the price that we charge, on the strength of a recommendation from a friend who had volunteered with us before, and the fact that we came up at the top of a search engine list.

She described the companies coordinator’s as ‘fantastic’, and added that ‘ Any questions, worries, or problems that I may have had, they sorted it out straight away’. She added that she would love to volunteer with Original Volunteers again, and that while she would love to return to Ghana, there were also projects in Peru, and Mexico that she would like to take part in.

She felt that her time spent in Ghana has given her an insight into another culture, and described the people of Ghana as ‘lovely’.

We wish Diana well with her Teacher Training course, and look forward to being able to arrange for her to volunteer abroad again in the near future.
If you are training to be a teacher, or are considering volunteering during a gap year why not call Original volunteers on 0800 345 75 82 and we can arrange for you to gain some valuable, and much appreciated teaching experience in many different locations around the world.