Sarah Gillam Ghana

The most amazing thing?

Spending Christmas with all the children and hosting a party for them. Amazing to see them all having so much fun with arts and crafts, gave them t shirts to decorate, face paints, cards, glitter etc! We played music, wrapped small presents for them and had juice and biscuits which they all absolutely loved.

Best memory?
New Years eve, celebrating with the local community in the Streets of the local village (Obo). All the children made wooden go karts and went racing down the hill on them. Rather crazy, but so much fun and a lovely way to bring together all the families- dancing on the street and everyone just happy to be out and spending time with each other

Best bits about free time?
Being able to relax, soak in the local life and atmosphere but also get to know the other volunteers. At the weekends you get the opportunity to see more of the country and understand its history, we went to the Cape Coast and saw the Slavery Castle, learning about how life used to be.

Tell us about the people
The staff were lovely, spoke good English and there was always someone about to help you out and check you were ok. It was nice to speak to them personally about their life in Ghana and how the country works! The local people were all so friendly and loved it when you spoke to them, played with the children, took their pictures etc! And the other volunteers were great, I have met some very special people who will be life long friends.

Would you consider volunteering again and where?
Yes! I do love Africa and have been there a few times, so would definitely go back there. But also up for trying somewhere new, maybe Mexico

Tips for future volunteers?
Ensure to pack enough clothes and essentials in hand luggage- my baggage got lost so was without everything for almost a week!

Further advice, stories or statements
You can never have enough baby wipes, hand gel etc!!”