Roger Justin Kenya

The most amazing thing?

The Village and the local people, so welcoming and loving, they really care about your well being, and they are so grateful that you are there to help.

Best memory?
Building a Library from sctrach

Best bits about free time?
Safari, amazing!!!!.

Tell us about the people
The village took us into their hearts, the relationships between the volunteers and the village was so strong, tears of joy when leaving, as we had achieved something for the whole village, a library.

Would you consider volunteering again and where?
Yes, probably back to Olasiti as it was amazing…

Tips for future volunteers?
Don’t worry if over pack as, it’s nice to leave things behind for your host family. Sleeping bag, Wet-wipes/cleansing wipes, toilet wipes and bacterial hand wash. Small pocket mirror for guys and gals.

Further advice, stories or statements
Quotes from the volunteers”Prior to the trip we were virtually strangers, now, we are all the best of friends … That’s Powerful””Our greatest fears prior to coming to Kenya, led to our greatest ever life experience” “Extraordinary””Magnificent trip, amazing. This should be compulsory for all employees”
“Communication and relationship building between colleagues from different departments and resorts was exceptional””Life changing” “A natural team bonding experience” “If the company wanted to improve staff morale, build loyalty, energise and inspire employees, Kenya ticks all the boxes and more”