Ricky Rinder Ghana

What members of staff do you remember the most and why?

Sam and Dominic, most friendly and constantly approachable.

What were your impressions of the accommodation?
Pretty nice for a third world country

Why did you want to volunteer?
Study development and politics, felt it would give me great insight into what is needed for development.

Do you feel you made a difference, how?
Yes, helping certain students afford school.

What did you do for fun?
Socialise with other volunteers

When was your most enjoyable experience, do you have an interesting story?
My last day, having spent 3 weeks with the kids I did grow attatched to many and on my last day at the school they not only all off their own backs made me a goodbye card but some even made me bracelets as a thank you. It was a very touching moment.

Who did you make friends with and for what reasons?
Everyone as all very approachable.

What were the names of the best places to hang out and socialise
Carbs bar because it had great food, cheap drinks and a lovely owner.

Would you considering going again or perhaps to another project with Original Volunteers?
Yes I would very much like to go again and raise more funds before going to help make more of a difference.

What would you say/recommend to a friend who was interested in volunteering?
Raise funds before to help make a real difference.

What items would you suggest future volunteers pack?

How much money would you suggest you take per week?
60 pounds a week to live off plus whatever you wish to help make a difference.

Could you offer any tips to future volunteers?
Plan your time out there to be most effective.