Ex-Original Volunteer Rebecca is going back to Africa

Volunteering is hard work and can be challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. Rebecca Morgan, 20, from Kington, Herefordshire will be returning to our Ghana Project for the second time.

‘My time in Ghana was full of good experiences’

Here, she recalls the happy memories of her first visit to Ghana and her month spent in the Orphanage.

My time in Ghana was full of good experiences. We spent one month at the Children’s Home organised by Original Volunteers – the children were so beautiful and fun to be with, we created such a good bond between the children at the orphanage and ourselves.

‘The hardest part of the placement was going home’

Like the majority of the projects Original Volunteers supports, Ghana need volunteers 365 days a year. For some of us, spending Christmas away from home is a daunting prospect, but for Rebecca and other volunteers the chance to join the children’s celebrations was an opportunity not to be missed..

We were in Ghana during Christmas time, so the children were not at school. This gave us the perfect opportunity to have fun and play games for the whole month, as well as the opportunity to teach them a bit of English informally. We created things through arts and crafts, and played a whole list of games from learning and Christmas games to singing games. Every volunteer I spoke to loved it.

However, it’s not just fun and games that leave a smile on the volunteer’s faces. For Rebecca, one of the most positive aspects of volunteering was the chance to educate the children while meeting volunteers from all over the world. During her stay in the Orphanage, Rebecca worked together with other volunteers to put on a play which would raise Aids awareness. Co-ordinated by Corrine Gray, an Original Volunteer from Trinindad and Tobago, the play became an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

The volunteer placement gave me a real sense of achievement. We helped other volunteers with the Aids awareness play as well as other educational awareness lessons. After helping to make the props and attending rehearsals, it was extremely rewarding watching the play being performed. It was great to create a good bond between children and other volunteers, especially Corrine Gray-brilliant gal!!.

Being in a new country gives our volunteers an insight into their own lives, and Rebecca was no exception. Returning to the UK with a new-found confidence, she soon realised she would certainly be returning to Ghana in the future. In fact, for Rebecca the hardest part of the placement was going home!

An occurrence which happened more than once was the children (although extremely respectful), found it quite stimulating to open our suitcases and look at our potions and gadgets from the western world, giggling among themselves at the stupid things we had burdened ourselves with. To them every cream or spray was mosquito repellent, and before I could turn around they would smooth the potions over their skin and start parading around my bedroom, cracking up with laughter and falling to the ground. Some of the ‘children’ were actually older than my friend Ben who came along with me, and we met up with them after we had finished the placement. I am definitely going back out to say ‘’hello” before starting a course in International Development at University next year.

Volunteering was a really positive experience. There were tears when we left the orphanage, but we have some brilliant photos of the children at the orphanage and even better memories. Keep up the good work!

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