Lizz Truby

Words from the volunteer…

If you’re thinking of a first time trip or something different to do i would recommend going to Morocco, from the moment you arrive at the airport the experience begins, you’re picked up by a taxi man holding a sign, which makes you feel important, he will then take you to the Riad, which is like any basic hostle with a twist (you will understand when you get there and look up from the dining area) where you will meet your fellow volunteers and Rachid the main co-ordinator, who is a very crazy guy, i had some of the best conversations with him during my time there. Watch out for Amina, she is the house keeper, she works very hard at keeping the place clean so help her out and keep it tidy, She is a very crazy lady and loves talking to the volunteers so dont be shy. I couldnt say a bad word about any of the staff, they are all very welcoming and always up for a chat and happy to help you with anything. Depending on what day and time you arrive will determine the project you will go on, i arrived late so had to wait until the next day to get stuck in with projects, My first project was the boys orphange, which is actually boys and girls and located just around the corner in what seemed like a maze to where we were staying so it was a quick walk. Each project is similar in the sense that you take puzzles, colouring things and memory games, if you want them to be different you have to find a way to make it different, no one is going to tell you what to do, the children enjoy learning new things and some of them want to learn basic English so they can communicate with you, if you make things fun and interesting they will want to listen. What you put in you get out! One thing i didnt realise is that you need to use taxis or buses to get to some of the projects, you always go with a co-ordinator but it costs about 5dh each way which isnt expensive but it does add up, eating out isnt expensive either but it all adds up my first week i spent about 1000dh (£80ish) on food andtravelling. I met some amazing people, volunteers, children at the projects and the locals, everyone is so friendly, dont be affraid to ask for directions people are more than happy to help you, i had an experience in the souqs, me and a friend were trying to find a scarf shop but were lost, as it is so big and confusing, we asked this shop keeper if he knew where it was, he went out of his way to ask friends and draw us a map to where it was, it made me realise how unhelpful people are back home and really appriciate peoples kindness more. The culture is so interesting, i was really fasinated by it and was amazed at how different it was to being at home. I would truly recommend going and experiencing it as it is a real eye opener, i loved every second i couldnt say anything bad about my whole trip, even the donkey that nearly ran me over, Go with an open mind and you will be pleasantly suprised im sure! I cant wait to go back to the beautiful city of Marrakech! It changed me, opened my eyes and made me appreciate things a lot more, i was there for 3 weeks. Lizz xxx