Volunteering in Africa was life changing and highly rewarding

Volunteer who work at baby orphanage in Kenya gets in touch to share her experiences with Original Volunteers.

To Original Volunteers Team, I just wanted to drop a line or two to you regarding my visit to the baby orphanage in Nairobi.

Thanks to yourselves I was allocated a month placement in Nairobi, Kenya. The time I spent in Kenya was life changing and highly rewarding. However my host family were the icing on the cake with their warm welcome and flexible attitude. In particular Julia, my host was very supportive and loving towards me and took much time to see that i was comfortable and happy. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to volunteer in Kenya (Nairobi); and wish to emphasise that her home was clean, comfortable and brilliant for the short walking distance to the orphanage.

Whilst working at the babies home I found that I bonded with all 20 babies very quickly. Although a toddler named Candy seemed not to take to me as much as I tried to play with her or make her laugh. Round about the third week of my stay I had pretty much come to the conclusion that she just didn’t like me. But one day I walked into work and to my surprise she ran towards me smiling and shouting my name the best she could, ELINA ELINA. I picked her up and she squeezed me so tight that i could have fallen over with shock. I learnt that some children have seen so many passers by that they learn to be non-attached. But continuing in love and playfulness towards her meant that she learnt to trust and love me back and from that day she always called my name and expected a big hug from me on arrival and leaving the house.

Thank you again for connecting me to volunteer work in Kenya and i look forward to a soon return.

Many thanks for your time.Yours sincerely,

Selina Whinnery