It was an amazing time in Africa – Sarah Ashmore

The street kids project in Mombasa, Kenya is a favourite with many of our volunteers, and Sarah Ashmore is no exception. Sarah, 40, from Orpington in Kent, volunteered at the educational centre for street children for two weeks. Teaching children aged between seven and seventeen can be a challenge, but it is also extremely fulfilling.

It was amazing. All the staff and other volunteers made it a really special experience, but especially the children. The age range is huge, but some come across as being younger than their age and that is reflected in the level you teach at. It’s a great organisation.

The shared volunteer apartment also adds to the feeling of community in Mombasa, and spending so much time with the boys really shows volunteers that their contribution is integral to the continued success of the centre. As Sarah and other volunteers have experienced, it’s amazing how the simplest resources can make a real difference to the children you visit.

The volunteers do most of the teaching, after Madam Pamela has given the morning lessons, so it is good if people take out books that will help them to make lesson plans. English, maths, geography and science are particularly helpful, along with any other topics they think would be good to teach.

However, it’s not all hard work. The chance to take time out and have fun with the children as well as educate them was an important part of Sarah’s volunteering experience, and sparked her enthusiasm to volunteer in the future.

I would recommend that anyone going takes along some colouring books and pens, the boys are very creative and really like this. Any kind of arts and crafts, such as beads or other things that can be made, are great, and can make for a very constructive afternoon! My time at the project was great, and I hope to get the chance to work on this or another project soon.

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