Amy Atkins Morocco

What members of staff do you remember the most and why?

Amina the cleaner was lovely

What were your impressions of the accommodation?
I loved it….nice and authentic and easy to get to know eachother living in a riad.

Why did you want to volunteer?
I’ve always wanted to do something like this, try and make a small difference and see a country in a different light. Volunteering provides
a different perspective of a place

Do you feel you made a difference, how?
I hope so, maybe not a massive difference but I hope that the time we spent with the children made a little difference at the time.

What did you do for fun?
Went to the atlas mountains, visited oureka valley waterfalls which was amazing, did the city bus tour, general tourist activities.

When was your most enjoyable experience, do you have an interesting story?
The baby orphanage visits were my favourite and swimming with the sesame gardens children. But personally my most interesting day was climbing 2460ft up to the waterfalls in flip flops when I’m scared of heights, it was amazing!!

Who did you make friends with and for what reasons?
Made friends with a number of the other volunteers, mainly we bonded over shared experiences, interests and values. I loved meeting new people and getting to know everyone.

What were the names of the best places to hang out and socialise
Fritos is extremely friends, la Arabe maison is good for an expensive treat and the people there were lovely. A soup bar up by katoubia was very authentic and elite cafe in the new town is good for a little taste of home!

Would you considering going again or perhaps to another project with Original Volunteers?
Definitely! I wouldnt hesitate to book again, I just need to save some money! I wish there had been more projects but everything we did, I thoroughly enjoyed.

What would you say/recommend to a friend who was interested in volunteering?
DO IT! Amazing way to see and experience a new place and to get a different understanding of a culture.

What items would you suggest future volunteers pack?
All that you may have needed and didn’t pack could be purchased in marrakech.

How much money would you suggest you take per week?
I spent 150 a week but ate out every evening, treated ourselves to 2 expensive meals as it was my birthday while we were there and brought a lot from the souks!! You could easily do it a lot cheaper.

Could you offer any tips to future volunteers?
Make sure you are enthusiastic and have ideas to entertain the children with. Face paints are the best way to interact! Be open minded about the culture and be prepared for how some of the men are to women. It’s not a big deal as long as you are aware.