Travelling on your own or with a friend?

Are you thinking of travelling abroad, maybe for the first time? You’re probably wondering whether it’s OK to go alone or if it’s better to have a friend with you.

It’s probably true to say that if you were heading off on a traditional, gap-year style backpacking trip, it would be better to go with a friend for support and security.

Travelling with Original Volunteers is different – we make sure that you are met and looked after as soon as you reach your destination! From airport pick up  to arriving at your accommodation and settling in, there is always someone friendly on hand to guide and help you.

Even if you are flying without your best friend sat alongside you in the next seat, remember that there are usually 380 passengers on the same plane plus a fully trained cabin crew who are there for your safety and well-being. Also, as soon as you arrive at your destination, one of our drivers will be there to meet and greet you personally.

When you arrive at the volunteer house, there will already be another 20 or so people just like you! One of our travellers thought it must be similar to joining the Big Brother house half way through a series – with lots of people all excited to meet you and say hello at once! Before you know it, your bags will all be whisked off to your room and you’ll have a room full of new friends!

Chances are that if you are on Facebook, you will recognise a few faces anyway as we post plenty of photos to show you the fantastic work our volunteers do all over the world. Take a look at our page:

We also have a fantastic Buddy List on our website so you can hook up with someone before you even leave the UK! details.

Several of our volunteers tend to make their first trip alone and often make a return visit with a friend or with someone they have met on a previous trip.  Just remember that with Original Volunteers, you will never be alone! Making friends is dead easy and you will have plenty of support each and every step of the way.