Rucksack or Suitcase?

By Original Volunteers

If you’re planning a working holiday outside of the UK, you need to think a bit more about what to take with you and how you’ll carry your essential items on a day to day basis. This is especially important if you will be away for a few weeks with no access to your usual home comforts!

It may be worth considering a wheeled trolley case with a rucksack on the back. This is a great combination because you can split your belongings and have the option of a more durable carrier for your clothes and valuables (plus you won’t need to squash absolutely everything into one bag!)

A case is also a handy item of furniture for when you reach your destination as the accommodation is often basic and you will be glad of a clean, secure place to store your belongings away from dust and dirt.

The humble rucksack does of course have its benefits too. It makes a useful a companion when travelling on public transport as it can be stored much more easily than a bulky case and is usually big enough to carry an array of different items for your journey.

Chances are that to get to your destination, you will be flying out from the UK via Heathrow or Gatwick – both of which are modern airports with all the latest baggage facilities. However, you may find that this is not the case when you arrive at your destination airport! It may be worth paying a little extra for your rucksack to be wrapped and placed in the hold for your outbound journey. It costs around £6 – £8 per item but would offer peace of mind just in case a luggage conveyor belt grabs any loose straps!

In addition to your main travelling case and rucksack, don’t forget to include a smaller day-pack. This will be ideal for carrying your drinks, snacks and other daily essentials and can be taken on your flight as hand luggage. Choose something lightweight but durable which you will be happy to carry around with you for each day of your trip.

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