Volunteer in Cameroon

£10* per week

Do you want to visit a country no one else has been and help turn some lives around? Try Cameroon in the heart of Africa, where everyone in town wants to meet their foreign guest and welcome you into their lives.

“I felt like I was thousands of miles away from civilisation and I loved every minute – my month there went too fast!”

Jon Betson, UK

Volunteer in Uganda

£140 per week

An English lady set up this wonderful little school from scratch and she still spends half of her year here. Everyone welcome to come and help in a variety of roles.

“My most memorable experience was the children coming early and waiting patiently for us, their faces full of smiles.”

Paige Garner, UK

Volunteer in Mombasa

£125 per week

Give the street kids some one to one attention and help them to read and write. It’s the simple things which sometimes make the biggest difference here.

“I don’t know what was stopping me to go out and do something like this, I wish I had done it sooner!”

Phillipa Bradley, UK

Volunteer in Masai

£125 per week

Would you like a ready-made family to show you their way of life and introduce you to the little children in the local school? Do you want to try living a simple life just for a while? Let the Masai get under your skin.

“Simply the best experience ever!”

Kirsty Auger, UK

Volunteer in Ghana

£95 per week

With more than 10 areas of work to choose from which can be combined from health to education, building, there is something for everyone here and a great first step into Africa for everyone.

“At the weekend we travelled to Cape Coast and visited a slave castle, a monkey sanctuary and the national park. I also swam under a waterfall – all in one weekend!”

Grace Batchelor, UK

Volunteer in Bulgaria

£125 per week

Volunteer in Europe closer to home in Bulgaria with beaches to rival Spain in Europe’s hidden gem. Work with socially excluded children and visit shanty towns to organise games –- a varied weekly programme will definitely keep you busy!

“I am going back next year with my friends, I wouldn’t consider anywhere else at the moment, I’m hooked on Varna centrum!”

Caitlin Acton, UK

Volunteer in Peru

£95 per week

Two homes in a stunning city full of children are waiting for after school support. Sit and watch TV, teach a game, take the children swimming pool or teach English, there is plenty to do here.

“The scenery was amazing and the people the friendliest I met on my travels.”

Jo Hunter, UK

Volunteer in Morocco

£215 per week

Submerse yourself in the Souks against the Atlas mountains. This is volunteering at its best from baby orphanages to street kids projects and only 3 hours from the UK, there’s no excuse!

“The feeding the homeless project was my favourite, knowing that a large group of people wouldn’t be going hungry that day”

Chloe Davis, UK

Volunteer in Thailand

£195* 2 weeks

Do you want to help a community to get back on it’s feet after the 2004 Tsunami? Have you dreamed of relaxing on some of the world’s most stunning beaches? Ever thought about learning to teach? Join our Thailand programme.

“It inspired me so much I’m now starting a PGCE course next September – a change of direction for me!”

Samantha Hegney, UK