Open Hands Project

In Marrakech, Morocco there are children living rough on the streets, malnourished, and impoverished who do not know when they will go to bed with food in their stomachs.

Open Hands has begun a Feeding Project with the aim of being able to make sure that these children eat a hearty meal at least once a week.

However, to do this they need funds to buy the bowls for them to eat out of, the pots and pans to cook with, and the food to feed them with.

This is why here at Original Volunteers we are in the process of organizing a concert with the intention of raising enough money to feed 60 children at least once a week for the next year at the Open Hands project.

Not only that they will be given a great deal of love, care and attention, will play games with, and be taught by volunteers, and staff at the project.

Many people will have visited Marrakech and been enchanted by this exotic, vibrant, and lively city, and left unaware of the poverty in which many are living.

By attending this concert your £5 could pay for 25 meals for a child, and will go a long way to helping to save the life of one of many street children of Marrakech by providing them with food.

While we take a meal a day for granted, a meal once a week for many children in Marrakech is a luxury.

Help us to offer a child that luxury every week.