40 Reasons To Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is booming in popularity. But why are thousands of people choosing to help overseas?

It is undeniable that volunteers help the community they serve, but there are also many other reasons they choose to take on the challenge. Here are forty relatable reasons people volunteer abroad – what’s yours?

1 Discover world issues and innovate ways to help and solve them.

2 Chase the sun with your destination. There are options to volunteer everywhere around the globe.

3 Immerse yourself in another culture and learn from another way of living.

4 Get back to basics and live simply on a technology cleanse.

5 Join the likes of George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Benedict Cumberbatch and Seth Green along with many other celebrities who volunteer abroad.

6 A chance to help develop communities hands on.

7 Improve your mental health.

8 It’s not expensive! Affordable volunteering options are increasing.

9 Enjoy genuine foreign cuisine, unadulterated for Western tastes and everything tasting as it should be.

Volunteer working with women’s group in Cameroon

10 Projects are varied, there is something for everyone. From health care, building and teaching to play work, conservation, animal work and tailored projects perfectly matched to a volunteer’s skillset.

11 Meet interesting people few tourists will: Tribal heads, government officials, local journalists and celebrities.

12 Learn transferable skills such as adapting quickly to situations and confidence.

13 Capture breathtaking photos for your social media.

14 Befriend fellow volunteers, perhaps even a life partner?

15 Explore another country and be inspired by the beauty and culture abroad.

16 Meet new people, from peers to locals.


Volunteers with the Roma gypsy community in Bulgaria.

17 Volunteering abroad forces us to travel more responsibly. You may never travel in the same way again.

18 Fall in love with a new country you have never visited before.

19 To tour with new friends, volunteering isn’t a full-time commitment and free time is always available.

20 Teach others and learn from the process.

21 Reflect on what is important to you and leave with a new perspective.

22 Check volunteering abroad off your bucket list.

23 Return with a more open mind.

24 Speak the local language, learning phrases and practicing them.

25 Previous experience isn’t needed to volunteer. Anyone can do it!

26 Break the nine to five routine and mix it up.

27 Witness the difference you make with your own eyes.


Volunteers working at a dog shelter in Bulgaria.

Volunteers help at a dog sanctuary in Bulgaria.

28 The lush memories you will make abroad.

29 Experience the outdoors more whilst volunteering abroad.

30 Become a more interesting job applicant. Interviewers get bored of people regurgitating facts about themselves. Volunteering abroad helps applicants stand out.

31 Spend time learning new skills and enrich your career.

32 Network with other volunteers, charities and organisations.

33 Smile more. Volunteers are happier than those who don’t spend their time volunteering.

34 Exercise and get fit. Prolonged periods of standing and walking are great for health and may even help lose weight!

Volunteer teaching at a new school in Africa.

35 Enjoy it and have fun!

36 Try out new things. Activities and hobbies which you can take home too whether from the country or picked up from your fellow volunteers.

37 Attend a programme through an organisation and if you work hard, obtain a shining reference after completion.

38 Find the perfect travel buddy! You’ve already travelled and lived together you now know you’re compatible for further world adventures.

39 Get off the beaten track in a more remote part of the country. Even in cities, volunteers visit socially isolated areas few tourists see.

40 Boost your CV and change career on your return!

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