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Volunteer with children


Voluntary Work with children

You needn't worry that you have to encourage a child to start a career in astrophysics to make a difference, it is often the little things which can inspire a positive future. From eye contact, nodding, smiling, giving praise for a picture to simply acknowledging a child's presence in the world.

How many of us can still remember an inspirational teacher many years later athough in reality they may have just showed a little interest in something we made at primary school. Positive memories can last and work wonders!

And if you would prefer to help out behind the scenes, at most projects there are plenty of opportunities to do a little DIY and maintenance. Just let us know at the time of booking.

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Volunteer with children projects



Submerse yourself in the Souks against the film-set like backdrop of the Atlas mountains. This is group volunteering at its best from baby orphanages to street kids projects.

01603 280702



With more than 10 areas of work to choose from which can be combined from health to education, building and more this is a great first step into Africa for everyone.

01603 280702



Volunteer in the area around Iringa and gain a rare insight into this part of Tanzania, off the beaten tourist trail. There is variety from orphanages to sport and schools.



Volunteer in a school on the Andaman coastal region of Thailand and gain new skills. All training provided on arrival and no experience is required. You don't even need to bring resources from home as they are all provided for you.

01603 280702



Come and join this expanding school project in the south of the country which has been likened to a little volunteer holiday camp in Africa. Lots to do and all welcome.

01603 280702


Kenya Mombasa

Volunteer in the coastal city of Mombasa and help turn street kids lives around teaching basic skills and providing attention and praise.

01603 280702


Mexico Merida

Volunteer on the Yucatan peninsular of Mexico and experience daily life through the eyes of local people. Volunteers work in a variety of areas from teaching to sport and informal care work in childrens homes.

01603 280702



Assist at one or two orphanages in the stunning location of Cuzco and help with after school and free time activities with the children. From arts and crafts, dance, football and day trips.

01603 280702



Volunteer at a small rural school in the heart of the Tamil Nadu region. Find out what life is like away from the tourist sights and help children to develop basic skills in English and numeracy.

01603 280702



This placement offers a great mix of city life and part time volunteering in what is considered the most European city of South America. Volunteers help at after schol community centres, fundraise locally and can also visit Guarani Indian communities once a month.

01603 280702



Help at one of two centres in the tropical Chitwan region of Nepal to the south of Kathmandu. Volunteer at the childrens home or at a community school. No experience needed and everyone welcomed.

01603 280702



Submerse yourself in the heart of Africa amidst mountain highlands in one of Africa's poorest and forgotten countries. Teach basic skills, help women's groups and more.

01603 280702



Volunteer in one of the smallest and cutest countries on the African continent. There are not a lot of resources for teaching here, so bring everything you can from home!

01603 280702



Volunteer in a wonderfully tropical and laid back area of the country and help the local children improve their life chances through learning English. No experience needed and everyone welcomed to have a go!

01603 280702


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