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Volunteer in poor schools our previous volunteers built near Lake Volta! Help teach spelling and basic number skills to 7-11 year olds. No experience required, teaching is relaxed and friendly.

Requirements: None. Just energy and a smile! Everyone welcome.

Costs: From £95/week or £290/month. Includes accommodation in modern volunteer house and expert support team with over 10 years experience!

Kenya Masai

Help teach basic numbers, writing and spelling at the little Masai infant school. Bring some worksheets and some art and craft ideas as resources are extremely limited.

Requirements: This is a self-directed placement. Ideal for experienced teachers or the well travelled wanting to put something back and challenge themselves!

Costs: £125/week includes home stay accommodation with Masai family and Masai meals.


Volunteers work at a small typical Indian school following the Indian national curriculum in writing and basic number skills with children aged between 7 and 11. A great experience to see the ...

Requirements: None. All welcome.

Costs: First two weeks FREE! Extra weeks £50 p/week. Includes accommodation on site at school and support.


Assist the teacher or take classes at this busy infant and primary school in the southern hill district. Computers also available for IT/tech fans to make use of.

Requirements: None. Everyone welcome!

Costs: £87.50 p/week (weeks 1-2), £52.50 extra weeks. Includes on site accommodation in comfortable private room and local support.


Volunteers teach at one or more of the 5 little schools within walking distance of the main volunteer accommodation. Take worksheet ideas for the most simple Maths and English activities to ...

Requirements: This is self-directed placement. Will suit the well travelled or those with teaching experience perhaps from a previous project.

Costs: £250 p/month

Mexico Merida

Volunteer in the steamy tropical city of Merida and help at state run nurseries, schools and charities. Informal settings, just bring yourself, a smile and to have fun and games.

Requirements: None required. All welcome!

Costs: £125 p/week. Includes accommodation and dedicated volunteer coordinator to assist you throughout your stay.

Teaching English as a foreign language


Volunteer in Cambodia helping the poorest local children to learn English who come voluntarily to their volunteers' classes! Offers a gentle introduction to teaching in a friendly environment.

Requirements: None.

Costs: £150 affordable once-only contribution for a stay of any length up to 12 weeks. Includes on-site volunteer accommodation. Don't say the cost is a barrier to volunteering abroad!


If you are looking for a teaching experience in a school setting and are new to teaching, our Thailand programme offers intensive TEFL training on arrival and idiot-proof teaching materials ...

Requirements: None. Minimum stay 2 weeks, can be extended locally for approx £40 per week.

Costs: £195 covers first two weeks accommodation, training and teaching materials.

Mexico Merida

Volunteers work together and share the teaching of English (TEFL) to small groups of primary school children at charities and primary schools in Merida. Teaching support is provided by an ...

Requirements: None. All welcome from complete beginners who are still not quite sure what TEFL is to improvers or experienced teachers.

Costs: £125 p/week. Includes accommodation and dedicated volunteer coordinator to assist you.


Teach English in an informal school and or childrens home nearby in the tropical south of Nepal. Everyone welcome to have a go teaching basic words, phrases and numbers.

Requirements: None. This is a self-directed placement, please bring all the materials you can from home to teach 7 - 11 year olds basic English.

Costs: £125 p/week. Includes accommodation at either the informal school or children's home.

Secondary school teaching


Volunteers help teach Maths and English at the new school in Kumbo where education of any variety is hard to find. This is a great opportunity for those looking for ...

Requirements: Confidence to teach up to GCSE level

Costs: £200 contribution plus £10 per week


Anyone with A levels under their belt will find some great opportunities to revise their GCSEs in English and Maths by teaching to 12 to 16 year old students who are keen ...

Requirements: Confidence to teach up to GCSE level

Get advice on teaching abroad as a volunteer teacher

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You can ask us:

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How to prepare for your volunteer placement and what to take
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We will be happy to talk through the detail of any project at any time!

We have organised placements for volunteers from all backgrounds related to teaching and those wanting to enter teaching as a future career.
We also place many hundreds of volunteers with no teaching experience who simply want to lend a helping hand to the most vulnerable children, so whatever your background or level of expertise today we will be able to find you a great placement where you are needed!