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Sports volunteering


Volunteering in sports

Helping using sport is becoming a very popular way to volunteer. Instead of just teaching and giving care and affection to the children you are volunteering with, sport is a welcomed activity. Not only does it bring a bit of fun and excitement into the children's lives, it is a great stimulus that keeps the children with something to do; after all, they can't get into any trouble if they are only playing.

In Peru the boy's orphanage in Peru welcomes sports minded people as it is a great way to keep the boys entertained and out of any mischief. Lots of creative people tend to help using their sports skills and imagination from assisting in activities that are already present to setting up their own sport activity. The girls at the girls home love dancing and would love to learn new routines. Perhaps you could teach a famous dance routine by an international artist or some traditional dancing from home.

In Ghana, the boys love football but if you take the ideas and equipment they are open to new ideas. Previous volunteers have taught cricket, volleyball, hockey, handball and organised fun sports days and long distance running comps. The world is your oyster, the options are endless! Simply gather the children in any location in a suitable open space and they will follow your lead.

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Sports volunteering projects in ...



With more than 10 areas of work to choose from which can be combined from health to education, building and more this is a great first step into Africa for everyone.

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Assist at one or two orphanages in the stunning location of Cuzco and help with after school and free time activities with the children. From arts and crafts, dance, football and day trips.

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Other projects with spaces for activities and sport

Uganda  ages 3 to primary, large green space on site at school

Malawi  ages 7 to primary, some space outside schools

Tanzania  ages 7 to teen, large spaces at schools

Cambodia ages 7 to primary, large grassy space at village school

Merida  ages 7 to young teen, large concrete space at most projects

Kenya, Mombasa  age 7 to teen, inside space or travel for outdoor space

Argentina  ages 8 to young teen, small outside space

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