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Building and hands on work


Volunteer in building and hands on projects

If you are a hands on person and don't mind getting your hands dirty, you will certainly enjoy the many practical hands on opportunities that are available around the world.

There are opportunities at nearly every project destination but Ghana is a great place to start if you are new to building. From building houses, roofs, classrooms and plumbing to decorating and general repairs, bring some strong work gloves and a sunhat and get stuck in! Tell us at the time of booking if you would like to do some building work for all or a part of your Ghana visit. Allow approximately £20 - £50 extra per week towards building materials and toolhire which are all bought locally in Ghana. The coordinators organise volunteers into working groups and materials so you do not need to worry that you need to organise things yourself!

In Morocco the focus is on painting murals and decorating. Bring a couple of larger brushes and some designs to copy from which are suitable for large wall spaces. Let us know at the time of booking the Morocco project if you would like to be involved in painting for all or part of your visit.

In South Africa, volunteers are able to make toys for the monkeys to keep them stimulated and happy; along with taking part and assisting in any repairing jobs that are needed around the sanctuary. Mending cages can be a great help to the sanctuary and is very much appreciated, as it can be very difficult to just buy more cages when needed, money is tight and needed to be used on food and care, not just for new cages that can turn out to be quite expensive. Wherever it is you choose to help out, you will find plenty of maintenance and building work available, that will suit your needs along with the people you are helping.

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Submerse yourself in the Souks against the film-set like backdrop of the Atlas mountains. This is group volunteering at its best from baby orphanages to street kids projects.

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With more than 10 areas of work to choose from which can be combined from health to education, building and more this is a great first step into Africa for everyone.

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Hands on options at other projects

Uganda welcomes volunteers for help with DIY and general maintenance around the school site from classrooms to facilities.

Malawi is a great destination for volunteers wanting to help local families to improve their modest homes, many families live in very simple shelters which provide little protection from the wind and sun. Local village schools also welcome volunteers to improve floors, walls and outside areas for the children from play equipment to shaded spaces to play under. Bring £20 - £50 a week for hands on work in Malawi as there is very little if any funding to cover bigger jobs. Local staff will assist you to buy materials you need.

In Cameroon a school is currently being built so if you are travelling within the next 6 months, hands on help will be really appreciated. Volunteers have already helped to finish the first classroom and bought some simple desks and benches. It is likely that the school building project will be ongoing for the next year or so before it is completely finished. Bring £20 - £50 a week for help towards materials.

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