Volunteer Options

Why choose Original Volunteers for your volunteer placement?

Volunteering abroad offers many benefits, from enhancing your CV, feeling part of a community, developing your skills, gaining confidence, making new friends and of course, some of the best free time trips you’ll possibly ever make.

What are my options with Original Volunteers?

Here are the top options:

Original Volunteers offers many more project options than are listed here. If you have something specific in mind that you would like to do, there is a good chance we will know which project can accommodate your request. Give us a call and our expert team will be happy to find out and advise.

Here are some unique placements we have tailored for our volunteers:

  • Dentist placements
  • Physics teaching at a University
  • Setting up a sewing school and shipping sewing machines to Ghana
  • Clean water programme for Lake Volta villages in Ghana
  • Community health outreach work doing health checks
  • Corporate group looking for a project to build something from scratch and complete within a week, complete with a safari squeezed in.
  • Theatre director looking for a youth project to put on a production on HIV awareness
  • Drug support worker looking for project to use skills
  • Volunteering in a prison in Mexico
  • Sign language volunteers looking for placement to utilise skills in Africa
  • Nutrition undergraduates using volunteering as part of their dissertation

Here’s some more reasons why volunteers have been choosing their placement with Original Volunteers:

  • Most of our destinations offer more than one area of work. In some destinations there can be as many as 10 different volunteer projects to work in.
  • With more than one area of work in most destinations, this means you don’t have to make your final decision at the booking stage.
  • Unlike some organisations, we group our volunteers together in the same place whether you’re teaching, building or working at the local hospital. It’s more fun to live altogether, it also makes planning free time trips with new friends easier. Being in one place means you can swap between placements if you want to try something new after a few days.
  • It is highly unlikely you will be the only volunteer at one of our projects, most of our projects are busy all year round. If you would like a busier or quieter time of year get in touch and we’ll be able to guide you on the best project.
  • Experienced support teams are in place at each of our destinations to settle you in to your placement and they are always on hand if you need anything during your stay. With inside knowledge gained from years of looking after volunteers, they will be able to show you the best place to eat for the best price and the best time to go!