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Volunteer in Argentina

Volunteer in Argentina

      Argentina Overview

Volunteer work in Argentina is a great opportunity to combine a passion for community work and a different culture in an incredible city. By volunteering abroad in Argentina you will be exposed to a city which is more European than South American in flavour, you will find cobbled streets, tango, street performers, faded colonial architecture, the famous Argentina steak and The Marias Irish Pub. And if you are in Buenos Aires between December and March, no visit would be complete without a weekend trip to the resorts on the coast at Mar Del Plata.

Volunteers take part in:

  • Small group activities in community centres in poorer suburbs from art and craft to outdoor games
  • Fundraising in Buenos Aries for project resources for the northern communities and the community centre activities
  • Optional humanitarian trips to the Guarani Indian communities in the north of Argentina (monthly, allow approx £120)

No experience is required other than a few Spanish phrases before you arrive to help communicate with the children. Volunteers can teach English but this is not the focus on this project rather than giving the children some attention and stimulus. 

Placement at a Glance

18yrs+ on arrival
Volunteer options
Playwork and activities with children in community centres in city.
Pre-departure helpdesk, in-country coordinating team and 24hr emergency support
Project location
Buenos Aires and suburbs
Shared volunteer accommodation. Meals:Volunteers usually eat out. Meals may be provided at some hostels/with some families.
Working hours
Afternoons only
Some Spanish required.
Getting to project
Flight to Buenos Aires.
Minimum stay
4 weeks
Project operates
This project is currently full
When to apply
As soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
£95 per week (weeks 1 -2) extra weeks £65
Airport Pick-up Service
Airport pick-up service £22

Images from Argentina

For an amazing experience call us on 01603 280702

For an amazing experience call us on 01603 280702

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Trip info for Argentina

Country: Argentina

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Change lives and volunteer in Argentina 2015 - 2016

Volunteer in Argentina

Argentina Placement Details

Here's what you need to know about our placement in Buenos Aires, from how to get there to what to take and about the project.

About the Project

What's it like to be a community volunteer in Argentina?

Come to Argentina and volunteer in the city that never sleeps. The main role of the volunteer in Buenos Aires is to help the children with fun after school activities, from informal English to arts and crafts in community centres in the toughest and most deprived parts of the city. Birthdays are a big event in Argentina and volunteers help to organise birthday parties, for those disadvantaged children who miss out. Fundraising, on the streets of Buenos Aires, is a fun and unique opportunity, which many volunteers get involved with in addition to volunteering. It is a great way to brush up on your Spanish and increase your self-confidence.

What additional projects are there?

Fundraising, on the streets of Buenos Aires, is a fun and unique opportunity, which many volunteers get involved with in addition to volunteering. It is a great way to brush up on your Spanish and increase your self-confidence.

Put your name down for a unique trip to a Guarani Indian village in the tropical north, to distribute food and health resources, and take a visit to the mighty Iguazu Falls. The trip lasts 3 - 5 days depending on whether you include a visit to the Falls or return straight to Buenos Aires. The visit provides a unique insight into the challenges of the marginalised Indian communities. The trip is monthly but dates are variable to check with the team on arrival and let them know if you are interested. Approx cost for return coach and lodging £130, payable to local team.

Health, safety and support in Argentina

Is Argentina a safe country?

Argentina is a safe and mostly developed country. Volunteers spend most of their time in Buenos Aires, a large modern city with all the usual facilities and would not feel any different to any other large European city.

Will I be safe whilst volunteering?

Volunteers travel together as a group in the afternoons with the local team to the community centres so you will be in safe hands and won't get lost on the way!

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Knowing some basic phrases and numbers for money will help whilst out and about but there is no need for Spanish with the children. In fact in can be better that you don't speak any Spanish. That way they can pick up some English as an extra advantage for them even if you do not teach them English. Spanish lessons can be organised after arrival if you would like some, allow £5 - £7 per hour depending on group size and frequency.


What level of support is provided?

There is a local English-speaking team to support you whilst volunteering and if you need any advice regarding medical attention or accommodation. Due to city-living in a modern environment, it is expected that volunteers make friends as a group and organise themselves in their free time and it is easy to do this.

Do I need a visa?

No visa is required for British passport holders (and most European passport holders) staying less than 90 days. Other nationalities should check with their nearest Argentine Embassy/Consulate for requirements.

Volunteer in Argentina

Two young girls outside at the community centre project. There is an outdoor space volunteers can use for games.


Are meals provided?

Argentina is a self-catering project. Meals can be eaten out or bought and prepared at the volunteer appartment.

What to take

What do I need to bring for the children?

Because of the cultural emphasis on the importance of the Birthday, anything connected with Birthday celebrations would be most appreciated, from balloons, banners, to table cloths, party games, gift bags and party games. For ordinary days at the project, the children love art and craft activities and outdoor games (there is a small concrete space outside). You might like to bring craft kits, face paints and skipping ropes, hula hoops. The boys can get a little overwhelmed with the emphasis on cute craft activities, so you may like to take two technical kits and get the boys to worked in two teams to see which team can make something fastest, perhaps for a little prize. If you are not able to bring anything with you because of lack of space in your luggage, basic art and craft items can be bought cheaply in the local area.

Do I need to bring anything for me?

Volunteers are not expected to bring anything specific to make their stay more comfortable. Everything can be bought easily in the city if you need something or have forgotten something from home. Clothes-wise, it is safe to say it is hot between November and March with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are June to August where it is not unknown for it to sleet or even snow. Between summer and winter the weather can change between warm and chilly considerably so it is a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast just before travel and pack accordingly. For volunteering at anytime of year, jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and trainers is the most practical outfit. You may like to bring some smart outfits for going out to the restaurants, bars and clubs, which are a strong feature of Buenos Aires life.


Child at the Ciudad Oculta, or Hidden City, community project which volunteers visit. It is the most deprived suburb of Buenos Aires.

Getting around

How will I get around?

Transport is organised for volunteers to get to the projects and all volunteers travel together. Allow approximately £25 per week to cover transport to the projects. All local transport, buses and taxis are available and nearby should you need it. Shops, supermarkets, banks etc. are all close by, within easy reach.


What do I need to protect my health?

Other than some boosters you may need, there are few of the diseases encountered in developing nations that you need to be aware of. Anti-malarials are not needed unless you are travelling into Bolivia and Brazil after your stay. There is a doctor close by and a hospital should you need the use of one, the co-ordinators will be happy to help you with your transfer there.

Things that you will need to organise yourself

Flights to Buenos Aires
Travel Insurance
Any resources you wish to bring

Volunteer in Argentina

OV volunteer after activities with the children at the community project.

On arrival

What happens on arrival?

Volunteers fly directly into Buenos Aires. Once you arrive at the airport, there will be a local co-ordinator or their regular driver waiting to pick you up and take you to the volunteer accommodation.


Where will I be staying?

In Argentina, accommodation is provided. Volunteers stay together in apartments in the Recoleta district. The apartments include internet access, cooking facilities and bedding. Home-stays are also available for any volunteer wishing to soak up the Argentinian way of life although there may be an extra charge as meals are usually provided for practicality of living with hosts.

Volunteer in Argentina

Children and volunteers enjoying the monthly group birthday party at the project. Birthdays are an important cultural event in Argentina. The project provides birthday parties for the children whose families would not otherwise be able to provide them.

Free time

Volunteers work at the community projects Monday to Friday in the afternoons only. This means you have plenty of time for lazy mornings in bed after a night out or enjoying a cafe breakfast with new friends. Weekends are free and if you are here in the summer, a trip to the beach resort of Mar del Plata would make a great weekend detour. There are lots of things to see and do in Buenos Aires from the famous Teatro Colon Opera House, Plaza San Martin to historic tunnels under 18th century Jesuit buildings.

Not on your own

We will put you in touch with others going around the same time when you book. It might be possible to fly out together if you are both travelling in the same month. Although some volunteers travel with friends, the bigger majority travel alone. This project also receives volunteers from other countries - so even if there is no one arriving at the same time as you from the UK, there is a good chance you will meet volunteers coming from elsewhere.

Volunteer in Argentina

OV volunteer plays with a young girl from the community project.

What happens after you have booked?

  • As soon as you have booked with the once-only £145 registration fee (this covers one or more projects within a year), you will receive a welcome email confirming your booking and explaining in more detail how to get organised for you trip.
  • We will Buddy you up with another volunteer going to the Argentina volunteer programme arriving around the same time so you should have a good chance to travel together if you wish to
  • You will also receive a Welcome Pack with some useful information which will include project specific advice on what to take, how to prepare and travel health recommendations

Below is an example timeline for a volunteer travelling in July 2015

  • At anytime : get flights to Buenos Aires airport before 4pm any day Monday to Friday. If you are travelling overland from elsewhere in South America, shortly before you travel we will put you in touch with your volunteer coordinator to arrange a suitable meeting point/pick up point.
  • Add yourself to the Buddy List to meet other volunteers, travel together or simply find a familiar face when you arrive.
  • Join the volunteer community on Facebook to see recent pictures from projects and other interesting stories and updates
  • April: contact your travel nurse or travel clinic to make appointments for jabs and boosters (for more information on what is typically recommended please refer to the NHS website fitfortravel) or our travel health section. Malaria tablets are not required for this region of Argentina.
  • June : Arrange suitable travel insurance – further advice is provided in your emailed welcome pack.
  • No visa is required before travel for Argentina for UK passport holders. If you require a visa - contact us if you require letters of introduction which we can prepare for you.
  • As soon as you have flights to Buenos Aires: Upload your flight following the link in the Welcome Pack to organise your pick up
  • At anytime : pay for your volunteer support contribution - we will send you an invoice by email to pay online – don't worry we will send you a reminder if you forget!
  • We will organise your pick up and transfer from the airport automatically when we receive your flights.

Argentina at a glance

Argentina is the second largest country in South America. Argentina’s continental areas are between the Andes mountain range in the west and in the east the Atlantic Ocean. Bordering from the north is Paraguay and Bolivia and from the northeast, Brazil and Uruguay. Chile borders to the west and south. The earliest evidence of humans from Argentina dates 11,000 BC. In 1826, a new Constitution was enacted when Bernardino Rivadavia was elected president.

Argentina is a vast country, where all the attractions are on a huge scale. It is a traveller’s paradise stretching almost 3500km from Bolivia to the tip of South America. Argentina encompasses a wide array of geography and climates, and is almost the size of India. Nature-lovers can climb South America’s highest peak, walk amongst thousands of penguins and witness the world’s most amazing waterfalls.

Buenos Aires with its tango, colourful Boca district, lively nightlife and world famous cemetery La Recoleta-all a must-see. Time permitting, a long weekend would allow a visit to the sub-tropical Missiones region on the Brazilian border to visit the remarkable Iguassu Falls. A return coach can cost as little as £50 return for the 30 hour journey.

Festivals: Tango festival Buenos Aires late February, Gaucho festivals early/mid November.
Climate: Mostly temperate; subtropical in the far north, cold-temperate in the far south. Seasons are the reverse of those in Europe (higher temperatures October to April-for beaches at Mar del Plata arrive December-February). The Ski season is June to September.
Time difference from UK: GMT -4hrs.


Argentina weather is very varied. Mostly temperate; subtropical in the far north, cold-temperate to sub-arctic in the far south! Seasons are the reverse of those in Europe (higher temperatures October to April-for beaches at Mar del Plata arrive December-February). The Ski season is June to September.

Buenos Aires temperatures vary from 35 Celsius to 10 Celsius. The winter months in Argentina are June, July and August. In the summer months, the sun can shine for up to 18 hours a day.



Media from Argentina

Country: Argentina

Book your placement with £145. Then pay £95 per week to volunteer in an amazing country in Latin America.


Images of Argentina

Many of our returning Argentina volunteers send us photos of their positive experiences in Americas. Click on the images below to get an idea of what to expect volunteering at this project.

Volunteer in ArgentinaVolunteer in ArgentinaVolunteering in ArgentinaVolunteering in ArgentinaVolunteer in ArgentinaVolunteer in ArgentinaVolunteering in Argentina

Photo Album by Camilla Q. Madsen

Volunteer Abroad with Original VolunteersVolunteer Abroad with Original Volunteers

Photo Album by Jeannie Duong

Volunteer Abroad with Original VolunteersVolunteer Abroad with Original VolunteersVolunteer Abroad with Original VolunteersVolunteer Abroad with Original VolunteersVolunteer Abroad with Original Volunteers

Photo Album by Sidley Carswell


Meet The Team

Country: Argentina

Book your placement with £145. Then pay £95 per week to volunteer in an amazing country in Latin America.




Your volunteer coordinator Lillie (above) speaks English and will be happy to help you settle in to your volunteering.


Victoria, Lillie's assistant will also be happy to help you with anything you need during your stay.

The Team - Argentina

Lillie is also the community project manager so you will not be better placed for an in depth knowledge of the programme and its challenges. Lillie started the programme from scratch nearly 10 years ago following a passion to provide the children in the roughest neighbourhoods with a safe place to play games, make friends and celebrate a birthday party.

Birthdays are a massive cultural event expressing social status amongst all levels of society and there is tremendous pressure to invite the whole class, something the poorest families cannot afford so may do nothing in place of the big party they cannot afford. Children who do not have big traditional parties can be left feeling socially isolated and lack confidence. Lillie started by offering large group parties for the poorest children to experience a big party and the programme has grown from there.

Frequently asked questions - Argentina

Country: Argentina

Book your placement with £145. Then pay £95 per week to volunteer in an amazing country in Latin America.


Argentina Specific Questions

Is experience needed?
Experience is not required for this project. The focus of the volunteering is helping out at after-school community centres in the city's poorer districts. Volunteers work together as a group either supervising colouring and craft activities or playing informal games outside.

Where will I be staying?
Volunteers share a volunteer apartment above the coordinating teams' office. When busy, volunteers may share an alternative apartment closeby.

Will I be met on arrival?
All volunteers are met at the airport in Buenos Aires on arrival.

What are the facilities like?
Modern apartment, modern bathroom, kitchen, dorm style bedrooms.

Will I need a visa?
UK/Most European passport holders do not require a visa for short stays.

What are the start dates?
Volunteers can arrive on ay day at any time. Mornings best.

Can I stay with my friend?
Everyone arriving together is placed together.

I am worried about travelling on my own - can I buddy up with someone?
We can help you find someone to travel together - use our Buddy List or pop us a message on the main Facebook Group and we'll add you to our weekly round up of travel buddies.

Will I need any jabs?
Although few are needed for Argentina you may need some boosters. We advise to consult your trained travel health nurse a few weeks before travel for advice (Taken from the nhs website fitfortravel 21/08/13).

Do I need to bring anything for the children?
Lots of art/craft materials and outdoor games equipment will be definitely used and appreciated.

Should I bring anything for me?
Casual clothes are ideal with a couple of evening outfits if you want to take advantage of the city's nightlife. For volunteers arriving between April and September, do bring layers of clothes as this is Argentina's winter and temperatures can vary between 15 and 22 Celcius.

How can I keep in touch with home?
Internet access is available throughout the city in internet cafes.

Contact us for specific questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in the vast knowledge of our projects and are always willing to share. Give us a call for a quick chat on 01603 280702 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the answers you need!

Book Now

Country: Argentina

Book your placement with £145. Then pay £95 per week to volunteer in an amazing country in Latin America.


Booking your Place

There are two ways of booking your place at our project in Argentina:

Phone - Call us on 01603 280702 to reserve your place on the project.

Online - Apply online with a Debit or Credit Card using PayPal following the instructions below.

Choose a Month

For more information on booking a place, read our guide to how Original Volunteers' applications work.

If you'd like to know a bit more about Original Volunteers before you book, you can read about us and learn more on our FAQ page.

And if you have any questions you can't find the answer to, just get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Volunteer Options

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Planning Your Trip

Once you've booked your volunteering experience in Argentna you'll want plan the trip, and Original Volunteers has lots of helpful advice for first-time travellers.

To find someone to travel with on your trip, browse through our Travel Buddy List.

To learn more about raising money for your travels, check out our Fundraising advice.

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